What Really is Social Media Marketing? 

The Breakdown

If you’ve made it to this site you probably have some basic idea of what Social Media Marketing is, and you more than likely know that you need it for the advancement and success of your business. You may be wondering though, what exactly is involved in Social Media Marketing and why everyone is always talking about it. 

The most basic of definition is that social media marketing when a company or individual uses various social media platforms, facebook, instagram, punters, etc, as well as their website to promote or market their business, product or service. You may of previously heard this referred to as e-marketing or digital marketing, and while social media marketing would still fall into those categories it has grown into a genre all of its own over the recent years and therefore has adopted a name of its own as well. 

How To Use It 

If you use social media correctly you can grow your business though increased traffic and user interaction to your site. To help small business and firms to determine what works for their business a lot of social media platforms have built in analytics tools that will help you see what methods are successful for reaching your target audience. Social media marketing is not just a way to engage potential new clients but also a great way to interact with current or previous customers and to gain their trust and hopefully develop a meaningful work relationship that turns into repeat business. 


A successful business will develop their own voice or town after a while and will build a unique online presence that sets them apart from their competitors. They do this through the content they post, whether it be written content, visual or video, you want to be sure that each post tells a part of you story and aids the reader or viewer in some way. A great way to increase your  stance in the web world is to use customer and user generated content as well. Don't always post a generic ad or marketing post, use a customer experience or photo to bring your product to life. Doing this always increases users engagement and overall rankings for the post. Don’t forget as well that the internet is ever changing and growing, you need to be constantly posting content and interacting with your audience if you want to see your social media platforms grow. 

Tips and Tricks

There are so many tips and tricks that can help you to be successful in the world of social media marketing. Many get overwhelmed with the responsibility of starting and maintaining social media platforms for their business. They are unsure where to start, or if they do start they struggle to keep their sites alive and kicking. That is why we want to help, with our tips, tricks, reminders and easy breakdown of what to do you can make your business a success. What and see as your company grows on social media and your profits will likely see an increase as well. Don’t be scared of Social Media marketing, embrace it!