How to Create an Awesome Instagram Photo

By Geena Rae

When it comes to Instagram you want to post an image that will grab the viewers attention, but also hold them, and intrigue them so that they are compelled to visit your page and ultimately your website. So what are the steps to creating an awesome photo? First you need an idea, a vision of what you would like to create. Something that will catch the audience’s attention. The process of photographing your idea whether its food, fashion, lifestyle or what have you, the quality and layout of the photo is key. High quality and well designed photos will be the most successful and the most professional to the viewer's eye. Here is a video I found helpful. It guides you through how to get the most out of every photo opportunity. Photos with bright colors, clean lines and sharp details are more likely to draw people to your post. This article here describes how color can change our mood and mental strength. Little things like the colors used in a photo could increase your impressions by a large amount. Lighting is always a major key in taking a good photo, whether you're using natural light through a window or outdoors, or maybe box lights in a studio. Either way good lighting can completely transform a photo. I always gravitate to natural light, it creates a crisp natural look to your photos. Not too bright and not too dark, just in the middle. Here are some tools to use for getting good lighting. Editing, a magical tool that can take any blah photo and turn it into a masterpiece. Editing is so important when it comes to Instagram. The right filter and details can make or break a photo. This is by far one of my favorite videos of taking and editing Instagram photos, I really recommend these tools for fashion and beauty photography in particular. High fashion and minimal design are both extremely popular in todays trends. These tools of sharp details and bright light are the perfect tips to guide you through picking the best picture. Instagram themes, they make your page look consistent and very appealing to the eye. Depending on your preferences make sure each picture flows with the next. Having similar color themes or similar editing skills and filters. It brings a lot more followers in and gives your page a professional look. This can be extremely helpful and good to remember when picking the best Instagram photo.  Here is a post with a lot of helpful tools regarding Instagram themes! Many brands and or high profiled Influencers have distinct recognizable themes to their Instagram pages. Here are a few examples of accounts that post great content YSL, MaddiBragg, and Lauren Conrad. Picking the best picture for Instagram is a different process for each individual, the photographing process, the editing process, and the overall theme. If you have an idea and the creative desire you can create beautiful inspirational content. Whoever said spending time on your Instagram posts was stupid is wrong! It can make a huge difference in growing and creating your brand or business! The perfect photo is the best place to start.

This post was brought to you by our awesome influencer Geena Rae, check her out here!