2018 Remodel

Rossi Family Tradition

The purpose of this blog is to communicate, document, and encourage participation in the remodel, use, and enjoyment of the Rossi Family House at 38565 Bautista Canyon Way Palm Desert CA 92260-1212

January 28, 1971 Raymond Angelo Dece Rossi and Estelle A. Rossi purchased lot 155 in Palm Desert Greens. Sometime around 1979 the site was prepped and the manufactured home was placed on the lot. Ray and Estelle enjoyed many years at this property with their 5 children, 4 grand children, and countless other family members and friends. We hope to do our part to continue that tradition. 

Remodel - Lease - Maintain

There will be 3 main phases to the remodel 

  • Phase 1 - Kitchen and living room areas.

  • Phase 2 - Bedrooms and bathrooms.

  • Phase 3 - Exterior.

Upon completion of the remodel. Leasing the house part time will pay for the remodel and then be used to maintain the property.

Be a part

We will be posting on this blog updates of drawings, design ideas, color and material options. Feel free to comment at the bottom of each blog post. 

On the sidebar (or bottom if you’re on a mobile divice) you will notice:

  • House Calendar - This will document work, and use of the property. You are welcome to use it to add the days that you would like to stay and or come help with the remodel.

  • Remodel photos - This is a shared photo album, feel free to comment or add photos here.

  • Lifestyle photos - I am going to try to collect photos from everyone of times that were spent at the desert house over the years so we could have some framed at the house. Feel free to add them to this photo album.